Where To Get Your US Election Fix In London

We've surprised ourselves by how glued we've been to news coverage of the US election. While the result won't affect us directly (although it will in other ways), June's shock EU referendum result taught us not to be complacent – anything can happen in today's politics.

Which is why we can't wait to follow the live coverage of the results on November 8.

Sure, you could watch the action from your sofa or buried beneath your duvet (there will be special election programmes on the BBC, ITV, Sky News and a YouTube live stream).

But why watch it alone on a grainy laptop or your parents' TV when you could be enjoying it with mates, an endless supply of nachos and a Clinton-themed cocktail in hand? Or sat in front of a panel of comedians helping to make light of the pandemonium?

Here's a roundup of some of the best-looking events, parties and eateries to help you make the most of the most jaw-dropping US election in our lifetimes.