6 Ways To Recover After You Break Up With A Cheating Partner

There's no way to accurately verbalise what it feels like when you learn your partner has cheated on you. Often, you feel a little bit of rage compounded with the need to school the person who you feel ruined your relationship with your partner. And right when you think you're over the whole thing, a subtle reminder of your relationship creeps in and you go through the whole cycle again. But moving on is possible.
"There are a lot of decisions to be made in that moment [when you discover the infidelity], because your trust has been broken," says Lisa Brateman LCSW, a psychotherapist who specialises in relationships. And if you're nowhere near ready to forgive your partner, and you two break up, it can be really hard to plot your next move.
Even though you've decided that the relationship is over, a little self-reflection is necessary before you swan dive into the dating pool or swear off dating indefinitely, Brateman says. If you're feeling lost, here are a few tangible activities and topics to meditate on, according to relationship experts. This might not be exactly what you need during this time, because everyone is different, but it's a start.

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