My Sugar Daddy Pays Me £10,000 A Month — & Marriage Is On The Table

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
In our first interview with a sugar baby, 32-year-old *Crystal Milan discussed what it was like to treat being a sugar baby like a job. But obviously, some people do choose the romance side of sugar dating — like Milan's friend, Gail, who introduced her to the scene.
Here, we chat with the 33-year-old who met her current boyfriend on — and is now in an exclusive relationship. Oh, and she makes £10,000 a month.
This interview is part one of our series about sugar babies. It has been edited and condensed for clarity. *Names have been changed.
How long have you been a sugar baby?
"Oh my gosh, I’ve been in the sugar dating scene for about 5 years. I moved to Atlanta to be a producer, but I wasn’t making that much money, and it was hard for me to make friends. It was also hard to find any good guys in the dating scene. I don’t even know if Tinder was around then, but the quality of people just wasn’t what I wanted.
I heard about the sugar baby scene through the grapevine and through some articles, so I thought I’d give it a try. I went into it originally thinking that I would find someone to hang out with, and it might turn into something else or help my network. In the end, though, I was going into it for companionship, to find a potential husband or suitor."
Did that work out for you?
"It worked out really well for me. I’m in a committed relationship at this point with one gentleman, and it’s been interesting and beneficial for me."

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