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I Slept On The Floor For 5 Days — & Here's What It Was Like

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Type "sleeping on the floor" into Google, and you'll likely walk away very confused. Many of the articles will tell you this is the best way to sleep, while others will warn that this can be damaging to your body. So, what's the answer?
I've been sleeping on mattresses for my entire life, and while I understand that is a relative luxury, I also know of many people who voluntarily sleep on the floor — some for back support, others to save money, and others in the name of minimalism. Plus, there are some very enthusiastic bloggers out there who are really into the whole sleeping-on-the-floor thing.
So, when my "Try Living with Lucie" audience suggested I try a 5-day challenge all about sleeping on the floor, I started doing a ton of research. Since this challenge could physically affect my body, I made a point of speaking with a doctor before diving in.
Dr. Mike told me that spending five nights on the floor likely wouldn't help my posture or alignment. Additionally, this Refinery29 article quotes Milton Marvin Ang Chua, MD, a faculty member in the Division of Sleep Medicine at the University of Utah, who insists, "The hardness of the floor can hit certain pressure points of the body, such as the tailbone, heels, and shoulder blades."
And even though two doctors gave me negative feedback, the amount of positivity out there on personal blogs and social media accounts was enough to convince me to try it. Check out my video above to see how I fared.

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Sleeping On The Floor Health Benefits, Challenge Video Released on 9 February 2018