What Self-Care Looks Like Around The World

Self-care, as we've mentioned more than enough times this week, is about understanding what you need to feel well, and committing to fitting that into your life, free of guilt.
In the UK, we are pretty rubbish at it. A very silly 52% of us don't take a lunch break. We're 45th on a list of 50 countries when it comes to sleep quality, 40% of us check work emails five or more times out of work hours, and one-third of us are sleeping for less than five hours a night.
Does that sound like we're taking care of ourselves?
Currently, one in three sick notes are due to mental health problems and one in four of us will experience mental illness in our lifetime. Things are pretty diabolical; experts are warning not of a coming mental health crisis but that "the crisis is here, the crisis is now".
People in many other countries are well versed in taking time for themselves. For some, it's down to centuries-old traditions of self-care practices; for others, it's the result of recent government laws. Read on to find out how people around the world are embracing self-care.

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