Films To Inspire Your Style: Pretty Woman

It's a chicken and egg debate with regards to what became cult first: the rather dubious, anti-feminist romcom plot-line, or the crinkle-stretch fabric, body-con dress, thigh-high patent boots and bleach blonde wig outfit that introduced us to Julia Roberts' Pretty Woman character, Vivian Ward. The costumes, designed by Marilyn Vance, have become as beloved as the film.

By now, you should know the storyline like the back of your hand (unless you call the underside of a rock 'home'.) Vivian, while out working, is picked up by multi-millionaire, silver-haired financier Edward, played by Richard Gere, who's looking for a date to tag along with him to corporate events and dinners. Lo and behold, the plot thickens when Richard falls for Vivian.

Ok, ok, not exactly forward-thinking stuff, but we were bewitched by the film growing up and with two good reasons – firstly Vivian (hello, she's the reason we still sing "Kiss" every time we have a bubble bath) and secondly Vivian's outfits. There's no one film that so definitively captures early '90s uptown girl style better. Think shoulder pads, perms, polka-dots and denim hot-pants. Then toss in some hair mousse and you're a third of the way to channelling Vivian Ward.

Here for your delectation are some film stills to inspire your style. It is time once more to make way for the shoulder pad...

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