20 Things Women With Great Style ALWAYS Do

It's hard to pinpoint just what makes a woman stylish. Is it a vast, amazing wardrobe complete with high- and low-end pieces, alike? Is it a signature uniform that's hers and hers alone? Or, does it simply come from the inside, a je ne sais quoi that oozes all over, from her lapels down to her hemline?

That's the thing about style — it's difficult to define. But, what we do know is that the people who have it, always have a few things in common: an out-of-the-box styling tip or an overarching dressing philosophy, a knack for flea markets or an undying love for the plain white tee. And, since personal style is very much a journey — we can’t even tell you how many times our own aesthetics have changed over the years — we asked 20 stylish women for the tips they swear by, to help you on yours. Read on for insider secrets to looking (and feeling) your best, always.