Michaela Coel's Instagram Is The Self-Care You Need In 2018

Photo via @michaelacoel
If January's getting you down then may we suggest a cursory glance at Michaela Coel's Instagram?
The actress and writer, as you well know, is the genius behind hit comedy show Chewing Gum. She has appeared in not one but two episodes of Black Mirror and has already been the subject of 2018's most exquisite meme. In short, Michaela Coel is killing it.
It's no surprise, then, to find out through her Instagram (and our interview with her) that she is also an excellent human being. Michaela's Instagram feed is all about harnessing the sort of self-confidence that women – especially women of colour – aren't taught to nurture and express within themselves. It's funny, honest and, best of all, completely unapologetic. After all, what has she got to be sorry about? From body shape to skin colour, black hair to sexism, Michaela is addressing it all.
Forget self-care stuff like meditation and bubble baths; your new self-care prescription is to scroll religiously through Michaela's Instagram every Sunday evening.
Here's a few impeccable examples.