We've Found The Official Girl Boss Hairstyle

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images.
There are many common traits successful women share, one of them being a tried-and-true, no fuss uniform that inherently says, “I’m here to get shit done.” Like a power suit, striking red lip, or versatile bag, these style ingredients make getting ready both effortless and chic, while carving out more time for things like, say, running an empire.

As minimalist wardrobes in the workplace continue to catch on like wildfire, it’s no surprise that CEOs and multihyphenate celebs alike are frequently opting for one, does-it-all style: the girl boss bun.

It's sleek, timeless, and universally appropriate. Plus, it immediately elevates every outfit and takes less than two minutes to do. (Even on dirty hair!) That's right, we're talking about a sharply-parted, low, shiny bun. The look emphasises your features, making cheekbones look sharp enough to fire or hire — and it frames a jaw bone that's scheduled to defy.

Ready yourself to get down to business with the precise part and slicked down sides that's making its way to the head of a conference table near you...

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