We've Been Applying Dry Shampoo Wrong This Entire Time

Dry shampoo is a product that, while incredibly ubiquitous, is often applied completely incorrectly. By that we mean, you probably quickly spray a bit onto your part, maybe along your hairline, too, then massage for a sec and call it a day.

The right way to apply dry shampoo, however, includes lifting horizontal sections of hair and spraying just above the root (where it's not visible), massaging, then brushing hair with a natural bristle brush (or whatever works best for your hair type). The results will be more effective and eliminate any white residue.

Ready to give it a go? Watch the video above, grab your favourite formula, then follow the steps below.

Step 1. Lift up a horizontal section of hair, starting at ear level, and blast just above the root with dry shampoo. Release.

Step 2. Grab a section just above the last and repeat until you reach your part.

Step 3. Massage roots.

Step 4. Brush hair with your favourite brush to distribute the product.