Try These 4-Ingredient Smoothies For Easy Summer Mornings

Photographed by Daniel Castro.
Mornings are hard enough without throwing intense summer heat into the equation. That equation being: As temps (we hope!) rise so does our exponential need for fast and easy a.m. refreshments. But don't worry, because we have the sweet solution to keep things cool: smoothies! And not the kind you need to drop a pretty penny (a.k.a. £6) on, but the quick and cheap kind you can make at home with only four ingredients — most of which you might have on hand already.
All it takes is your liquid of choice (nut milk, coconut water, yogurt, etc.), a creative combo of frozen and fresh add ins (fruits, greens, nut butters, etc.), and the right ratios blended together for that extra-frosty sip. If you're still in need of a little recipe inspiration, click on for three simple smoothies to soothe your summer mornings.