The Care & Keeping Of A Work Spouse

Illustrated by Ivy Liu.
Maybe it was love at first sight, maybe it took a few meetings for things to really click. But there’s no mistaking that she’s the one. Pretty soon, you’re stealing sidelong glances, sharing jokes, and shooting each other texts. Then, one day, it happens. There’s no formal proposal or offer of a ring. Instead, over a few happy hour margaritas, one of you says it: “Are we work wives?”

Okay, producers probably aren’t falling over each other to get the movie rights for this story. But whether you’re single or taken, a special someone at work, the so-called “work spouse,” can be a hugely important part of both your personal and professional lives. While not everyone wants or needs close friendships at work, for some of us, a work wife can be both a person who both improves your day and makes you better at your job. At the same time, you’re walking a fine line between the professional and the personal — which can be tricky.

While we won’t see a Hollywood blockbuster on platonic office relationships anytime soon (Bridget Jones’ G-Chats, anyone?), that doesn’t mean it’s not one worth protecting and nurturing. Ahead, our 10 Dos and Don'ts of having an office bestie.

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