Hoodie Jewellery Is A Thing Now

We can always count on Instagram to unearth trends at the very beginning of their cycle. Recently, we stumbled upon one that we're predicting is really going to catch on, regardless of how ridiculous it may seem.

Hannah Jewett has been making hoodies with necklace-like chains and other baubles hanging from where the drawstring would typically be. She's got a site in the works (and tells us it will be live next week!) but is currently taking orders through Instagram DM, with prices ranging £70-£100.

"My background is in visual art and jewellery, and my aesthetic is influenced by the shapes and colours in design movements such as bauhaus, Art Deco, and Memphis design," Jewett tells Refinery29. "I got the idea by simply wanting to incorporate the forms in my art and jewellery with everyday clothing."

To us, this seems like the perfect next iteration of the hoodie craze that's been going strong since last year, when sweatshirts became more of a fashion staple than a day-off uniform. Plus, these metallic details are just another way to make the garment look polished and put-together — and don't worry, the chain is detachable for washing machine purposes. We'd say it's only a matter of time before this concept starts showing up in fast-fashion and designer stores alike (while, at the same time, we're contemplating D.I.Y.-ing our own).

Click on to wrap your head around the concept, and stay tuned for when these are shoppable online next week. Let's just say your hoodie game is about to be next-level.

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