7 High-Protein Snacks You Can Bring Anywhere

It seems like everyone’s looking for ways to eat more protein. And there’s a good reason for it, too: Often known as the “building block” of the body, protein is important for repairing tissue and fighting infection. You’ve also probably heard that your body uses protein for energy, and that it's satiating, meaning it's what makes your meals and snacks filling and more satisfying.

It's important to build protein into your snacks, especially, because while a bag of crisps or a handful of sweets tastes good, it's unlikely that it will keep you satisfied until dinner. High-protein snacks also help keep your blood sugar even (so you don't experience an energy rush and subsequent crash), explains Lara Metz, RDN.

When picturing high-protein foods, many people’s minds immediately jump to meat. But grilled chicken isn't the only way to get a healthy dose of protein. To help you out, we asked a handful of our favourite registered dietitians for their favourite protein-packed snack ideas. Click through to check them out.


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