Harry Potter Yoga Exists — & It Looks Magical

It's not every day that you get the chance to do your vinyasa with a wand. But one yoga class has taken its flow to the next level — by way of the Hogwarts Express.

As Cosmopolitan explains, the Potter-inspired yoga class was a modified version of the Pints & Poses class held regularly at Circle Brewing Co. in Austin, TX. But the instructors decided to make this version a little more magical.

First off, everyone who attended got a wand (we're already jealous over here). But the instructors also led the class through Harry Potter-inspired poses, including cat/cow transfigurations and the Whomping Willow (a.k.a. tree pose). The crew also did some backbends while using their wands to bring forth a patronus and ward off a dementor.

Finally, the class listened to their instructor read from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows while lying under their makeshift invisibility cloaks (yoga blankets). We'd call that a wizarding win.

Of course, we're no strangers to themed workouts: We still remember (are a bit traumatised by) the resistance bows and weighted tridents of New York Sports Club's Hunger Games training. So if you're looking to make your workouts a little more fantastical, we've got you covered.

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