17 Brands Fashion People Are Obsessed With

It takes a certain kind of brand to get the "in" with the fashion crowd — not just anyone can get the attention of people who live and breathe clothing and accessories all day long. And so, the editors, buyers, and fashion student die-hards of the world keep pretty selective tabs on up-and-coming designers. But, when one finally catches on, it becomes an insider must-have — meaning the labels fashion people love to obsess over, the general population probably hasn't even heard of yet (hey, that under-the-radar element is part of the appeal!).
Now, there are a few qualities that get a brand into this inner circle. One, they're making something that's unlike anything else we've seen before. There's also usually something quirky and slightly off-kilter about the pieces — they possess that je ne sais quois that takes a certain kind of person to have the courage to pull them off, or they're just so photo-worthy that they become instant street style bait. And because fashion people are cursed (blessed?) with expensive taste, the brands we love don't always come cheap. Their cool-factor, however, makes them worth every penny.
Because we just can no longer keep them a secret, we're taking it upon ourselves to out these cult-favourites and make them yours for the taking. Click on for 16 under-the-radar brands worth knowing, and relish in the sweet satisfaction of getting the scoop before everyone else.

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