14 Dry Shampoos That Will Change How You Don't Wash Your Hair

Can you even remember a time before dry shampoo? Aside from a small group of ladies who evangelised about the power of baby powder, there really wasn't much in the oil-soaking category back then. Now, aerosol cans and powder shakers litter our bathrooms, gym bags, even work desks. Hairstylists can't shut up about the texturising, volumising, make-everything-look-better-ising effect of the stuff. And now, we use it more than the regular version in our showers. A lot more.
But, as much as we love it, dry shampoo was due for an upgrade. From messy powders to sticky residues, it was time for a change. These six companies answered the call.
Click ahead to read about the newest oil-sopping innovations you need to try, ASAP. Trust us, you won't believe you ever lived in a world without dry-shampoo paste.
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