10 Real Reasons You Don't Have To Be Afraid To Change Careers

Illustrated by Alex Marino.
You’ve found yourself stuck in a career rut, and you’re itching to make a switch. But, there’s one big problem: Every time you so much as think about changing course, a giant lump lodges itself in the back of your throat or you break out into a sweat.
Yes, the thought of making a major shift can be intimidating for anyone — I know because I’ve been there, too. Halfway into my two-year stint as a consultant, I knew continuing on that path wasn’t for me, but every time I started to explore new options I felt overwhelmed by all of the choices. What if the next move wasn’t the right one? What if it was as unsatisfying as the place where I was?
But, as I learned through two pretty big pivots — working in global health and founding The Muse — your career isn’t set in stone the second you accept your very first entry-level job. Far from it, in fact. These days, many career paths aren’t linear — meaning that you absolutely can make that change you’ve been dreaming about. And, the best part? Doing so doesn’t need to be a terrifying experience that makes you feel like an undependable, noncommittal job hopper.
If you’re in need of a little more convincing and reassurance, here are ten good reasons that you don’t need to be scared to change careers (because, trust me, it’s totally something you can do).