Actually Delicious Pale Rosé Wine To Drink Outside This Weekend

Photographed by Anna Jay.
Summer is, ostensibly, a time for rosé wine. Head to the park, people are drinking it out of plastic cups; to the beer garden, where the table of girls next to you are several bottles deep; to your mate's house, where she hands you a glass and insists you stand awkwardly on her uncomfortably small balcony to drink it, because: summer.
But let's be real here; a lot of rosé is straight-up gross. It's alcoholic strawberry squash in disguise. It's sticky, it's sweet, it leaves you with furry teeth and a sugar-induced headache after just one glass. It's disappointing from first sip to last.
Good rosé does exist. We've all had some at one point; a lovely dry, beautifully bright taste that leaves you thinking, yeah, this is what drinking wine is meant to be about.
But how to find those rosés? I've been burned far too many times to attempt to purchase any old bottle willy-nilly in the supermarket. I thought, for instance, you could rely on a pale rosé to be delicious, but have since found out the hard way that's not always the case. Then I thought, let's go for the more expensive rosés, only to find out that many of them are also questionable af.
What you want to check, rather than colour, is how dry a rosé is. Wines from the Provence region are usually a good bet – they tend to be crisp and dry. It's "new world" wines that tend to be sweeter. Californian zinfandel, for instance. Australian grenache. If, like me, sweet is not your thing, these are the ones to avoid.
With this in mind, we decided to go on the hunt for the best of these delicious dry bottles of rosé so you've got a few go-to wines to choose from next time you're standing in the supermarket with no idea what to do. Click through our slideshow to find the one that whets your whistle and stock up – this good weather ain't gonna last forever.

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