The 4 Wellness Trends That Will Be Everywhere In 2018

This time last year was probably when the words 'gut health' were just starting to worm their way into your psyche. How speedily you threw aside trying to make sense of clean eating; how quickly you started to read up on good bacteria, FODMAPs and serotonin production.

Now, though, it is 2018 and because we are wont to try and make the word 'trend' stick to each and every area of our lives, there's a whole bunch of new health and wellness trends that are fighting to become BTK ( that's "bigger than kale" by the way).

The truth is, it's important to keep one eye on what's going on out there in the health world. New and exciting developments are being made all the time. But it's also important to keep yourself grounded. No new fad diet is the key to your perfect happiness, this I promise you. Stay woke, eat sensibly and exercise when you can; that's always going to be the answer.

Here's what people are going to be talking about in the wellness world this year.

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Most likely to be the most talked about. According to Neat Nutrition: "The latest buzzword is Nootropics – also called smart or cognitive enhancers." They explain that nootropics are substances that make your brain work harder and better, from aiding memory and creativity to inspiring motivation.

According to Lucie Greene, director of JWT Innovation, nootropics have "taken Silicon Valley by storm" showing that "today’s high performers seek ever more extreme shortcuts to optimised wellbeing".

What does a nootropic look like? Dietary supplements bacopa monnieri, panax ginseng and ginkgo biloba are all touted to enhance cognitive function.
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Techie Workouts

If you've ever had the displeasure of going to a spin class which pits you against the other attendees through the means of a leaderboard (hello last place) and a shouty instructor with access to your bike's resistance, you'll be familiar with how tech (and competition) is changing our workouts.

"The market for incentivising digital tools is set to grow" predicts Neat Nutrition. Social media makes for a perfect place to share post-workout results, if the studio has the capability to do so.

VR fitness is definitely one to watch; while you might not have bought into the whole strapping-a-mask-to-your-face-to-transport-you-to-another-place thing yet, don't be surprised if a gym near you is soon offering headsets to turn your indoor treadmill run into a sprint through lush green forests and fields.
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'Healthy' Coffee

Despite health warnings about too much caffeine, our obsession with coffee continues.

Searches for 'healthy coffee' on Pinterest have gone up 218% recently, suggesting that people have tasted their turmeric lattes and now they want more. In fact, without searching too hard, you're liable to come across coffee recipes that claim to balance your hormones.

There's even a brand called Vitamin Coffee that sells coffee which claims to have your entire recommended daily dose of vitamins and minerals in just one cup.
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Air Purification

With all the talk about how pollution is killing us at the moment, it would be silly not to worry about air purification. This year though, be prepared to hear a lot more about indoor pollution. It's something that kills an estimated 4.3 million people every year.

You can buy expensive air purifiers for your home but plants are also effective at removing toxins. Check out our tips on air purifying plants here.
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