15 Feelgood Instagram Accounts To Follow In 2018

Chances are, your Instagram is making you sad. Whether it's following 'clean eating' gurus who make you die a little with guilt every time you have a burger, or friends that hang out together without inviting you, it's impossible to be happy all the time when you're scrolling through unrealistic visuals of how other people supposedly live their lives.

So, this January, make a resolution to unfollow all those accounts that prompt those little voices telling you that you aren't good enough.

Ahead are some examples of Instagram accounts that make Team R29 feel GOOD. From dog pictures and nice art to lols, click through to find your new feed.


What started as a lighthearted documentation of all of the weird, wonderful and downright potty outfits that Carrie and co. wore across all six seasons of Sex and the City, has turned into a cult celebration/takedown of the show we love to hate. See #wokecharlotte for proof.

Photographer Michele Bisaillon hails from California and has jumped to fame over the past couple of years with her stunning, provocative and really very clever use of mirrors. While a lot of her work is aided by her cat Peach (see the frankly stunning video to your right for proof), all her incred work begs you go back for a second look.

For bright and humorous emoji-based digital art, give creative director Pablo Rochat a follow. His Insta stories are also full of fun games to immerse yourself in during your boring commute (unless you drive to work of course).

A cat Instagram with a difference. Princess Cheeto's humans are marvellous at fun, cute and quirky design and create wonderful pastel-coloured art pieces where Princess Cheeto serves as the focal point.

Illustrator Matt Blease makes a fun follow as his pun-based drawings give a gentle take on motivation, current affairs and general millennial life.

Using everyday objects to make unexpected art is only half of Tony Futura's Instagram. The other is using innovative and inventive ways to make a political point about current affairs.

Michael Worthington is a single dad from Texas who had to figure stuff out fast after splitting with the mother of his daughter Asia when Asia was just 2 years old. Since then, he's found fame on the internet for his pictures and videos of his life with Asia – doing her hair, putting her to bed and just hanging out together.

The Instagram of the legendary Fruits magazine which has been documenting street style in Harajuku, Tokyo for 20 years this year. Get ready for some inCREDible outfits.

Because opening up BBC News has become a gamble as to whether you'll see something that looks like the end of the world or another story about rich people taking money away from very poor people, head to @tanksgoodnews for a healthy dose of some of the world's good news to remind you that not only does humanity still exist, it's thriving.

Instagram poetry may get a lot of stick but if you're looking for something actually inspirational then look no further than the account of poet Nayyirah Waheed, whose poems rarely exceed two or three lines and yet somehow manage to encapsulate all you need to feel reassured.

Hardly a shock suggestion but my goodness, the energy, the style and the relentless optimism of style queen, 89-year-old Baddie "stealing your man since 1928" Winkle should be enough to give anyone the get-up-and-go they may be lacking in the morning.

Images from photographers working across the vibrant, beautiful and colourful continent of Africa, showcasing incredible and striking people from Bamako to Giza, Nairobi to Addis Ababa, and creating a different narrative from the one so often seen in the mainstream media.

Almost certainly the finest dog Instagram account in all the land. Despite some initial queries about its rating system the account is now considered to be the number one decider when it comes to determining good boys and girls.

If you enjoy our photos of the week series each Friday and wish there were more, head to National Geographic's Instagram for some of the most incredible photos from around the world every day; from breathtaking nature to human interaction, it's all kinds of humbling.

After a career that's been more hectic and testing than most people could even imagine, it's a pleasure to see Britney Spears living her absolute best life, as documented at the moment on her Instagram. To be half as zen as she is in this painting video should be your only 2018 goal.

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