10 Reasons You Should Learn Another Language

It’s an amazing feeling when you conquer a challenge. From completing your first 5k run to having a conversation with someone in a language you didn’t know three months ago, that buzz when you achieve your goals is indescribable. For many though, life can get in the way of achieving these goals and after the initial ‘New Year, New Me’ resolutions fade, the drive to conquer these challenges can disappear quickly. However, there are some reasons why you shouldn’t give up on one resolution this year – learning a language. We explain why.

Ed Cooke is the co-founder of Memrise, a mobile game that helps people to learn languages fast.

Land your dream job

Speaking another language makes you instantly more attractive as a candidate for a job and could be the difference between getting your dream role or not. It will stand you in very good stead when growing your global network of connections.
Untap your learning superpower

Learning a language shouldn’t be a chore. There are many simple techniques of imagination that can turn almost anyone into a learning superhero! By learning a new language, you can become extraordinarily speedy and effective at learning, crucially by having more fun with your mind.
Expand your worldview

Being able to speak to people from different cultures in their own language greatly widens your experiences of the world. Never again will you miss out on an interesting conversation or getting to know the details of a story because you can’t speak the language.
Stop the signs of ageing

Learning a new language actually slows down the ageing of your brain! So it’s a win-win all round – you learn a new skill and your mind gets a healthy glow. Smart is the new sexy, right?
Spend less time getting lost

Navigating public transport while on holiday can be the stuff of nightmares. But when you speak the local language, you’ll spend significantly less time getting lost in a station and more time exploring the culture and enjoying your trip.
Impress your date

Speaking more than one language is an impressive skill and one that many find very attractive. Having more than one language up your sleeve means you never limit yourself to who you can meet or go on a date with. You never know, you may find the love of your life through speaking another language!
Make new friends

Speaking more than one language can make your friendship group truly international. Travelling, meeting new people and being able to speak to them in their language means you’ll never miss out on making new friends.
Become someone’s hero

Make someone’s day by offering a helping hand to those who don’t know the language in a new country. A little help goes a really long way and lost tourists or new friends will always appreciate a helping hand in understanding the local landscape.
Increase your confidence

Whether you’re shy in your own language or want to increase your confidence when talking to people from different cultures, learning a new language and putting those speaking skills to the test will significantly help to make you the most outgoing version of yourself you can be.
Prove yourself wrong

If you’ve always wanted to learn a language but have never thought you could actually do it, prove yourself wrong this year. You’re more capable than you know, and by breaking a language down into small, fun games you’ll be a linguist in no time!
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