5 Refinery29 Staffers Reflect On How Their 2017 Resolutions Went

It's quite likely that you're busy making your own for next year, but do you even remember what your New Year resolutions were all the way back in January 2017? Perhaps you wanted to be more patient with your partner, or take up hiking, or learn how to cook Thai food. Whether you were successful or not, it's now the time of year to reflect on how your resolutions went, so we asked five R29ers how they got on with theirs.

Bring lunch to work 3/5 days a week

Anna Jay, Art Director

I decided to set an achievable resolution with the aim I'd actually stick to it. When I thought about how easy it was to rinse £30 a week on lunch – £120 a month or £1,440 a year – I decided to try and cut this by saying I'd bring lunch into work three out of five days every week. There are not only financial rewards; for one it's always going to be healthier to prepare a lunch yourself, with actual ingredients, as buying it out is often full of salt and preservatives that are best avoided. Then there's sustainability; the amount of packaging waste involved in takeout lunch is scary. It was a triple threat reason to make the change. And I pretty much managed it; some weeks would balance out others but I'd definitely say I succeeded, and both my bank balance and self are healthier as a result.

cut down on weekday drinking

Sadhbh O'Sullivan, Social Media Assistant

I resolved at the beginning of 2017 to cut down on weekday drinking because it had all got a bit much. I couldn't be doing with my head keening on a Wednesday morning anymore. Nor could my overdraft. Surprisingly to me as much as anyone, I've stuck with it quite well, probably because a) I'm a bit of a homebody and b) I wasn't beating myself up if I did have a few on a Thursday. Life happens and you can't expect rules to always fit and anyway, wine is really nice with friends. Now I don’t drink on weekdays more often than I do, which makes this a big success in my eyes and the first resolution I’ve actually stuck to. Who knew?

buy fewer things

Alice Casely-Hayford, Fashion & Beauty Director

Despite being a fashion editor and talking about clothes, collections, campaigns and magazine covers all the day long, I'm very passionate about sustainability and encouraging our readers to make wiser, more socially responsible shopping choices where they can. To practise what I preach, I vowed to buy fewer things in 2017. At a time when fast fashion encourages wanton, mindless shopping in excess, I tried to avoid buying things for specific occasions (that I'd probably only wear once or twice – c'mon, we're all guilty!) and shop very rarely for things I really, really needed. Thankfully and perhaps rather ironically there's no place I hate more than a noisy, heaving shop floor so it was pretty simple to avoid the braying crowds of Oxford Street. And now that I'm nearing 30 I know my style, quite literally down to a T(-shirt) and know that my daily uniform seldom veers from denim, a blouse or knitwear and tailoring. Now that I've honed my capsule wardrobe of versatile staples and a handful of dresses for special occasions, I prefer to treat myself occasionally to a statement bag to add life to different outfits. Just need to work on my shoe addiction next...

go to the gym

Georgia Murray, Fashion & Beauty Writer

Several years ago, when my boyfriend broke up with me after university, my New Year's pledge was to run a half-marathon in March. I trained, I ran, I felt invincible. This year? My exercise regime is non-existent.

My intentions were good, I swear. A few runs a week after work sounded doable. Not so much. I moved house and started a job which involves a fair amount of events and free booze, and in the blink of an eye summer was here. Who wants to waste precious time exercising, which could be spent drinking sweet pints in pub gardens? Now it's winter, so it's just too cold and dark to run through parks, and anyway, I'm tired! It's been a hell of a year.

My New Year's resolution for 2018? Get fit. It'll totally be more achievable next year, right? Guys?

stop hoarding

Rose Lander, International Co-ordinator

I am and have always been a hoarder. If the zombie apocalypse strikes, I'm going to be well stocked with T-shirts I bought when I was 14 and cables to electrical appliances I no longer own. Last year my resolution was to lead a new, hoarding-free life. I got a couple of friends over and plied them with prosecco until they agreed to do the whole Carrie-from-SATC cupboard clear-out, and recycled three bin bags of clothes I hadn’t worn for years. But soon I was back to my old ways. This December I’ve already cleared out six empty gift boxes I was sure would be useful some day. My boyfriend, whose tidiness I find slightly intimidating, is moving in in January and my resolution this year is to actually make enough space for him to live in my flat. Maybe love will give me the final push to get rid of my old school uniform and those shoes I’ve literally never worn (probably not, though).

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