The Very Best Money Diaries Of 2017

I think we can all agree it's been an absolutely stunning year for Refinery29's Money Diaries.

Over the past 12 months, your monetary antics have kept our readers in stitches, left them scratching their heads at your economic choices and given plenty of them the kick up the arse they needed to say, "Right, I probably need to start being a teensy little bit more organised about this whole money thing."

Seeing as we've reached the end of 2017, we've decided to look back at some of this year's big hitters and distribute awards for some of the most impressive monetary work we saw. Click through to relive your favourites.

Most money spent in the pursuit of working to make money

Money Diary On Holiday: A Writer's Week In Paris, Not Writing (Much)

One of most people's favourites of the travel Money Diaries series. This Irish writer did a monumentally excellent job of using her time, which was sort of meant for working, to explore Paris in a most outrageous and fabulous way.

Perhaps her most marvellous spend was a grand total of 90 euros on three cocktails at the super swanky Bar Hemingway...which she followed up with a drunken McDonald's on the way home.

That's our kind of woman.
Money Diarist we most want to be our mum

Money Diary: A Student Mum With No Maternity Pay, Living On Her Partner's 13k

This Money Diary found us in the presence of a young couple with a new baby living on just £13k altogether. Not that this stopped them having a whale of a time, though.

Every day, baby was dressed in a different, more fabulous outfit than the last. Each outfit came with a new nickname. Special shoutout goes to the Real Housewives day, which consisted of a pink velour tracksuit covered in cats. Need.
Best sister award

Money Diary: Police Detective In London On 33k

Despite this Money Diarist spending her days defending the streets of London from all sorts of crime, she still found time to help out her brother (who, by the way, used the last Tassimo pod in their house on a day when coffee was very much needed) and withdraw him £200 for a trip to Poland (he forgot).

Later, she also found time to purchase him a new pair of trousers when he split his. Sister of the year or what?
Best embodiment of "champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget"

Money Diary: Drag Queen In London On 16k

Where to start. This Money Diary probably speaks best for itself:

"I make a snap decision to go to the most iconic shop full of sequins and glitter, Taurus, and buy a headdress and some Lycra elbow-length gloves. Iconic. £55"
Most likely to make a Londoner leave London

Money Diary: A Londoner On 20k Who Escaped To Cornwall

All talk in the Refinery29 office after this Money Diary was about not if but when we were all going to leave London. Thank you to this Money Diarist for documenting her experience of swapping public transport for paddle boarding down in Cornwall. That £650 rent for a one-bedroom pad was pretty darn tempting too...
Best all-round saver

Money Diary: Junior Doctor In Stoke-On-Trent On 62.8k

Nothing but respect for this junior doctor who somehow managed to save a whopping £940 a month on top of her bills, rent and mortgage insurance.

This Money Diary definitely made everyone in the team realise that we're probably a bit crap with money.
Most admirable Tuesday evening plans

Money Diary: 23-Year-Old Advertising Executive On 25k

This 23-year-old's Tuesday night date is the stuff of legend. Not only did she sink three double gin and tonics before her night even started, she and her date then go through six rounds of further drinks before buying a bottle of red wine and Fanta to continue their party at home at 11.30pm. She is, unsurprisingly, "very hungover" the following day.
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