The Best So-Bad-They're-Great Christmas Movies On Netflix Right Now

I’ve watched A Christmas Prince. You’ve probably watched A Christmas Prince. A certain group of exactly 53 people have watched A Christmas Prince every day for weeks on end. The over-the-top Netflix movie unlocked something about millennials we’ve long denied: we love terrible holiday movies.

Yes, give us your 25 Days Of Christmas, with its genuine classics like Elf and Polar Express, but, also, give us all the cheese you got, preferably drenched over a silly rom-com filled with Christmas trees. The escapism of Amber’s (Rose McIver) trip to Aldovia, where she falls in love with the titular holiday royal amid many hijinks, is something we all need.

Thankfully, A Christmas Prince isn’t the only over-the-top holiday film waiting for you on Netflix. There’s actually a veritable trove of so-bad-they’re-good festive flicks on the streaming service. To continue laughing well after Amber’s story ends, we rounded up all the other movies on Netflix that will help you lose yourself in 90 minutes of holiday cheer and impossible plot lines.

So, slip on your holiday-appropriate Christmas sweater — vino is necessary for this kind of movie marathon — and keep reading to find out what to add to your queue next.

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You Can’t Fight Christmas

While most Christmas movies star slender white women who fall in love with square-jawed white men, You Can’t Fight Christmas gives us some diversity. This one features an all-Black cast and an average-sized leading lady in Being Mary Jane guest actress Brely Evans.

You cannot convince me Pottersville wasn't legitimately filmed on the Gilmore Girls set. There is no other possibility. So, you can watch A-listers like Christina Hendricks, Ron Pearlman, Ian McShane, and actual two-time Oscar nominee Michael Shannon run around Luke’s Dinner and Doose's Market in this quirky Christmas comedy that is inexplicably about Bigfoot.
A Christmas Horror Story

If you’re really feeling the anti-romance holiday vibes, there’s also A Christmas Horror Story, a B-list horror film with a festive twist. To best understand ACHS, please know there is a scene where an elf named Shiny (Ken Hall) screams, “I said I don’t want a goddamn cookie,” goes on a curse-laden tirade against a shocked Mrs. Clause (Debra McCabe), and then hacks at his own hand with a miniature axe, spaying blood everywhere.

A Christmas Horror Story is wild.
A Christmas Inheritance

If A Christmas Prince is the alpha in this so-bad-it’s-good equation, A Christmas Inheritance is the omega. They both share CW actresses and a Mad Libs-esque plot (Woman + lesson to learn + new city + cute brunette man).

So, I propose more of this for 2018. Rebecca Bloom in A Hanukkah Duke, Melissa Benoist in A Christmas Caper. Liz Gillies in 103 Holiday Puppies. Let’s keep this factory going.
A Wish For Christmas

Gretchen Weiners, sorry, Lacey Chabert, asks Santa for the courage to stand up for herself. Of course this personality trait only lasts 48 hours and the obvious moral dilemma ensues. Riveting stuff.
48 Christmas Wishes

48 Christmas Wishes sounds excessive. Set in the North Pole, 2 elves lose a whole town's letters to Santa. Your standard panic ensues, eventually all is resolved and it's a classic happy ending.
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