17 Beautiful Ideas For Your Daith Piercing

The popularity of daith piercings has surged in recent years following reports that getting one can help with migraines. Even though doctors have said there is little evidence to back this claim up, there are still numerous personal anecdotes from migraine sufferers who maintain that getting their daith pierced helped alleviate their symptoms.

A daith piercing is when you punch a hole through that little fold of cartilage just above the hole actually leading in to your ear. The common piece of jewellery to wear is a ring, although some people do opt for barbells.

Whether or not the claims about daith piecings helping to cure migraines are true, most people just like the piercing because, well, it looks good. Ahead, we've collected some of our favourite ways people have decorated their ears post-daith. Click through for inspiration.

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Heavy on the silver
Mix and match
A touch of colour
Pretty metal
Sparkle on
Matchy match
Rock on
Golden bright
The force awakens
Contrasting colours
A turquoise turn
Mermaid meets unicorn
Lone ringer
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