11 Times The SS18 Catwalks Inspired Us With Haute Halloween Outfit Ideas

The month-long Spring/Summer show schedule often leaves us feeling slightly confused. We have just temporarily archived our summer clothes and dusted off favourite knits but then –boom! – we see next season’s catwalk offerings and just like that, we’re wishing away a season again.

Not this time, though. SS18 wrapped up last week in Paris and, lo and behold, the designers gave instant gratification via one huge offering of Halloween inspiration.

It’s not that the shows were spooky as such and there really weren’t any "costume" costumes. But what we did see was playful escapism and a healthy dose of humour and pop culture nods.

Some did it low-key, limiting the supernatural happenings to crafty hair and makeup. Others – we’re looking at you, Thom Browne – went in hard. Browne’s show was a spectacle: it closed with a unicorn, which one could only assume to be life-size, operated by two male models donning much tulle and led down the catwalk by a female model. Her look was Jilly Cooper-meets-workwear, obviously.

But it wasn’t all large-scale ensemble spectacles; there were many solo outfit ideas too, some not even scary. If you’re going to engage in Halloween dress-up, let next season’s collections be your guiding lights. From the traditional to the sublimely sinister, here are 11 of the best.

Let’s start with a firm favourite: Wednesday Addams, this time reimagined by Ashish in her all-sequin little number. Layering a crisp white collared shirt under your old faithful party dress will pack a similarly jazzy punch.
For many of us, the number one childhood fantasy career was gymnast. With figure-skating as a side hustle. Live your dreams via Gucci’s encrusted bodysuit, best served with equally dazzling jacket (your silky embroidered bomber will do just fine) and those all-important nude tights. Confidence is key here; don’t let the costume wear you.
House of Holland’s space cadet costume is actually easy to recreate, especially if you have a silver mini dress to hand, which you really should. Extras you’ll need? Bits and bobs left over from last summer’s festivals – fluoro sunglasses, a patterned bumbag, sports socks (easy) and your most extra(terrestrial) sliders. Add one single earring and very spacey bright white nails to match your chalk spray-dyed ‘do.
At first glance it seems so sweet – a pretty little prom dress with big ole chandelier earrings. But look closer and the goodie-two-shoes vibe fades as strings of spiderweb-like crystals spill over witchy pointed ankle boots, matched with some fairly kinky high-shine opera gloves.
You’re a vision, so why not go as a work of art? Enter Ashley Williams’ nudie portrait dress. Firstly pin your favourite art nudes (call us traditional but we recommend Michelangelo’s David on repeat) all over a white shift dress. Then dust off your Tevas. If you’re lucky enough not to be donning a pink wrist cast right now, then we reckon this look works without. Otherwise, hunt down a single washing-up glove. “Borrow” Mum’s crystal clip-ons and, last but not least, art-attack each eye with sunbeam patterns using a soft coral lip liner.
Scary bride is always a winner, Halloween or not. At Alexander Wang’s #WANGFEST, the look was nightie meets corpse bride. Underwear was all-important, so finding some stockings from the back of your knicker drawer is key. Instead of a bog-standard veil, we got the cigarette smoke-effect ‘No Smoking’ headpiece by Stephen Jones. This would look equally rockstar with a vape, should you wish to DIY your own.
Dolce & Gabbana’s Queen of Hearts is most definitely one for the glam girls. Especially effective if you have to go straight from work to your Halloween do, or don’t want to take the train all fake-blooded up. If you can’t get your hands on the real deal, simply grab some Sharpies and trace a repeat pattern from your nearest deck of cards onto a plain summer dress that would otherwise be destined for clothes heaven.
A skeleton costume is classic; timeless, if you will. Give yours a Thom Browne SS18 update with your hair and makeup. First, kohl some prison-style teardrops under one eye. Next, cover that visage in silver glitter, for some sickly sparkly mystery. Concealer and comb those brows and you are hot to trot.
If you like your costumes to coincide with popular TV show releases, then Louis Vuitton’s ode to Stranger Things 2 has you covered. This one is really straightforward – literally throw an official merchandise T-shirt over whatever you happen to be wearing that day. Et voilà.
Sometimes an abstract costume is more trouble than it’s worth, and the prospect of explaining how clever your concept is all night feels exhausting. Avoid confusion by taking a leaf out of Ashish’s book, and just spell it out for your friends. Source a not-too-expensive plain black sweater, dig out your trusty glue gun, and prepare to get crafty with some buttons and sequins.
Elaine The Love Witch was probably the most overlooked movie character of 2016. Not for Clio Peppiatt, though, whose collection was an homage to the sexy but quite scary fictional magic maker. One for the retro lovers, this dress-up is simple: LBD, chunky costume rings, serious false eyelashes, lashings of baby blue eyeshadow (the '80s are very in right now) and whatever you do, don’t skimp on the backcombing or the blusher.
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