2017's Biggest Hair Colour Trends

From Bowie 'blorange' to buttery blonde, through to dark denim tresses and natural reds, your hair colour inspiration can change as fast as the seasons. Whether you're daring to go super bright neon (hello green), want to keep it natural-looking, or just fancy a simple refresh, click through to see the hair colour trends we're obsessing over right now.

Photo: Courtesy of Meche.
A mix between auburn and brown, this hue is rich, luxe, and unapologetic glossy. Think of it as a deep and inky take on bronze — with a kiss from auburn. Okay, that was cheesy, but this colour isn't. This beauty was done by Chris Greene, a colourist at Meche in L.A.
Photo: Courtesy of Nine Zero One.
Lee is responsible for this take, a slightly cooler — but still neutral in tone — version of aubrown. It's perfect for those with dark hair that can't be bothered with touch-ups.
Photo: Courtesy of Kari Hill.
Buttery Blonde
'It' blond colourist Kari Hill crafted this golden, buttery hue — a perfect upgrade for anyone looking to warm up their blond while maintaining natural-looking colour.
Photo: Courtesy of Aaron King.
Meanwhile, Tracey Cunningham went even more golden with this rendition — a deliberately brassy colour that is as soft as it is striking.
Photo: Courtesy of @florido.
Get comfortable, because bronde is here to stay — but the newest versions are richer, with caramel tones and a warm, almost auburn base. Here, Florido (yes, that's Justin Bieber's mane man) crafted this enviable look.
Photo: Courtesy of Cherin Choi.
Choi calls this one "light, golden-toffee blonde ends over natural auburn hair" — the perfect example of an on-trend take on bronde.
Photo: Courtesy of Capella Salon.
L.A. colourist and stylist Shai Amiel turned a colour correction into the perfect example of toffee — warm and rich, with buttery notes placed just at the ends. The result is a sweet take on a trend that grows out with ease.
Photo: Courtesy of Spoke & Weal.
You already know about blorange — the cheeky mix of orange and blond that's been sweeping Instagram. Is it really that different from rosé hair? Depends on who you ask, we suppose. But we especially love this sombré take from Spoke & Weal colourist Glen Coco Oropeza.
Myla and David hairstylist Ellie rocks peachy orange curls.
Photo: Courtesy of Hairstory.
Hairstory has been the leader in churning out the cool orange hue. We love this version shown, but there are tons more options here (for the edgier set) and here (for those with a corporate day job).
Photo: Courtesy of Cherin Choi.
Denim Hair
Yes, you read that correctly: denim hair is happening. This gray-meets-navy hue is one of our favorites — the work of Choi and Joico's just-released Blue Metallic Moonstone color. ""It is still in the grey family and has a dusted look to it that is perfect for an easy fade and grow out," she says. Plus, you know, it matches your daily uniform.
Photo: Courtesy of Kevin Murphy.
It doesn't stop there. Kevin Murphy saw this coming, too, and crafted a new line called, you guessed it, denim on denim. New York colorist Kate Reid — who is also the Kevin Murphy Director of Education in North America — created this look. Inspired by Pantone shade Serenity, it's the perfect shade for any skin tone. What's more, she just taught hundreds of colorists how to mimic it — so get ready to see it hitting the streets soon.
Photo: Courtesy of @abbyandree.
Organic Reds
Sit back and wait for the reds to roll out — because everyone's talking about them this season. This iteration is everything we want: vibrant but natural looking, and super shiny with tons of dimension. Let's hope they all look as good as this version, created by Abby Andree.
Photo: Courtesy of Nine Zero One.
Nine Zero One colourist Tabitha Dueñas calls this look "bronzed copper" — and we call it downright gorgeous. Into red that still works for every part of your life, including an office job? Bring this picture to your stylist. Want similar tones? We took a look at the biggest hair trend this autumn 'coffee hair'.
Peachy Keen

We're still not over this dreamy mermaid-inspired colour, which will match our bikini as much as our denim jacket come summer.

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