These Halloween Costumes Are Fashion Girl-Approved

For people who like to wear clothes (hi friends), Halloween is basically the most important of holidays — and one that’s not taken lightly. How many times a year do we have the opportunity to dress up in a way that shows off how clever we are, how good our DIY skills are, and/or the deepest, weirdest places our Google searches have gone? Before that street style wardrobe is packed up until next season, fashion girls say a temporary goodbye to the most extravagant sections of their closets — with a bang. There are long periods of pondering and planning, an array of (mostly coherent) notes of costume possibilities, and a mental log of cornerstone pop culture moments that are primed to take costume form.

The most crucial thing, though, is an original concept — something that, while relevant and recognisable, still feels fresh and not overdone. It’s choosing Eleven from Stranger Things over familiar heroines like Princess Leia; it’s going as goth “Formation” Beyoncé over “Single Ladies” Beyoncé; it’s taking a classic Pokémon and evolving it into your own — and maybe dropping in a pun or two along the way. The best part? It might give you an excuse to finally buy that dress/hat/jacket/bib necklace you've had open as a tab for eons. Don’t worry, we’ve done the 2016 recapping for you: Ahead, check out five costumes fashion girls will be donning this Halloween.

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Photographed by Eric T. White at See Management.
Anna Wintour Is Coming
Crossover costumes are tricky territory: A pair-up that may seem obvious to you (or even absolutely brilliant on paper) may not translate into an outfit — especially one that people will be taking in at a dimly lit party. But often, two concepts are better than one, especially if there’s a good pun involved. And when the very subject you’re trying to emulate is in on the joke? Well, it makes it all the sweeter.

Enter: The fashion pun. This idea comes courtesy of Anna Wintour herself, sort of. Earlier this year, in a Freaky Friday-type switcheroo, the legendary fashion editor traded places with Amy Schumer for a day and tried her hand at stand-up, ending on the wonderful closing zinger that was: “Remember, Wintour is coming.” So, yeah, we’ve been holding onto this one for a while.

If you’re a member of the fashion flock, you likely already own some elements of an Anna Wintour costume. (It’s a textbook fashion-girl costume — just ask Kim Kardashian.) Seeing as the Vogue editor and Jon Snow each has a signature look, it’s a matter of combining the most recognisable pieces so that your costume is met with impressed raised eyebrows rather than confused cocked heads. Don a bobbed wig, oversized black sunglasses, and a tweed suit for Wintour; add a furry black coat and sword for Snow. And wear a sullen expression to bring the whole vibe home.
Photographed by Eric T. White at See Management.
Beyoncé Gothic
As far as 2016 cultural cornerstones go, Lemonade was basically it. The visuals! The fashion! The cameos! The whodunit! It was Best Compilation Album, Best Wardrobe, and Best Film, rolled into one (no matter what the Emmys say). Naturally, those who are pop-culturally aware — i.e. anyone looking to stand a chance in a costume contest — will provide their own interpretation of Beyoncé’s visual album this Halloween.

There are many ways to go — heck, there are many songs to go as. But for the strongest visual reference, we’re turning it back to the song that started it all: “Formation." Within this single alone — and the accompanying video — there’s a lot to unpack. It’s always a good idea to honour Queen Bey, regardless of the time of year. But for those really feeling themselves this Hallow’s Eve, Southern Gothic Beyoncé is a poignant choice. Not only is the look instantly recognisable for anyone who’s been on the internet this year, but it’s incredibly powerful and fierce — just like Knowles.
Photographed by Eric T. White at See Management.
The starter pack involves a witchy, off-the-shoulder, body-con mini dress, stacked-on silver statement jewellery, and a wide-brim hat. Additional and welcome behaviours include: Acting a little reckless in your (faux) Givenchy dress, carrying hot sauce in your bag (swag), and grabbing your ladies and getting in formation (‘cause you slay).
Photographed by Eric T. White at See Management.
Mew Mew
Mew may be a Pokémon known for its ability to turn invisible at will, but this fashion hybrid is definitely not for wallflowers. Mew Mew is the product of our recent obsession with exploring new neighbourhoods simply to encounter new Pokémon on our phones — and our appreciation of good wordplay, especially as it pertains to the style universe.
Photographed by Eric T. White at See Management.
So, the elusive Mew found itself in Milan, and quickly enveloped itself in the ornate wardrobe of Miu Miu.
Photographed by Eric T. White at See Management.
. And, thus, Mew Mew was born, its pink fur now decked in textured jacquard coats, its paws tucked into pointed-toe stilettos, and its ears accessorised with Poké Ball earrings. How’s that for an evolution?
Photographed by Eric T. White at See Management.
I ____ In My Calvins
I blank, you blank, Kendall Jenner blanks: We all blank in our Calvins — at least, that's whatCalvin Klein's controversial underwear campaign tells us. The brand has never been one to shy away from provocation, but its fill-in-the-blank approach allows users to choose their own adventure (as long as they share it with the appropriate hashtag afterwards, of course). Kate Moss is still, Young Thug isn't what you think he is. Margot Robbie builds castles — the answers seriously run the gamut of activities, from conceptual to inarguably true.

Put your best branded foot forward this Halloween by joining the fray. Grab your Calvins (boxers and sports bras and crop tops, oh my!) and fill in the blank. (Or, if you're feeling bold, make your "I ____ In My Calvins" out of a dry-erase board and have your friends chime in throughout the night.)
Photographed by Eric T. White at See Management.
Eleven from Stranger Things
This will come as a surprise to no one, but the characters from Stranger Things will likely be the pop-culture costume of the season. Don't take it just from our personal Netflix histories: According to Lyst, interest for some of the crew's distinct wardrobe pieces has increased on the site as of late. (Pink collared dresses, tube socks, and blue jackets have been particularly popular over the past few weeks — and if that feels like too much of a coincidence, know that over 271 users searched for "Barb" on the site since August, per Lyst's report.) It's the same deal on Pinterest: Interest in pop culture-related costumes are up 75% this year, with Stranger Things emerging as an early favourite.

First, the small-screen personas stole our hearts by way of our binge-watching. Then, they took the show on the road. And, seeing as Millie Bobby Brown is shaping up to be quite the fashion girl herself, we'll likely see many members of the flock pay homage to El — and not only because it’s a pretty easy look to pull off. In case you’re not one of those savvy Lyst searchers, all you need is a frilly, Peter Pan-collared frock in a dated shade of dusty pink, a blue jacket, and extra-high tube socks. (Extra points for a shaved head.) Just remember: The costume isn't complete without still-frozen Eggos.
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