London's Best Workouts To Raise Your Fitness Game

Working out can be hell for some and heaven for others. While our Instagram feeds are flooded with fitness bloggers and wellness gurus, the craze is growing IRL too, with new gyms and studios opening constantly in the city, covering everything from hot yoga to HIIT and barre. If your motivation is running a little low, why not try a new class or get into a team sport to get those sweat glands working?

Whether you're a gym bunny who bounces into the office on a Monday morning high on endorphins or an after-work club runner, there's something for everyone. Click ahead for the best classes and activities to up your fitness game, fast...

Seen On Screen

Best for: People who want to have so much fun they forget they're working out. Seen On Screen is less "drop and give me fifty" and more "spend an hour learning a dance routine to Beyonce's Grown Woman, no matter what level of dance skills you've got".

Class to try: Diva. It's the beginner's class (no judgement here) so you'll learn all the basic moves in an easy-to-routine soundtracked by a super familiar pop tune from Christina or Britney or Bey.

Price: £15 per class.

Locations: In gyms across London from Mayfair to Southwark.

Best for: Intense workouts with pumping music. The class instructors are super encouraging no matter your level of fitness, so don't be intimidated. The equipment is high-tech, and the canteen is sleek, with a selection of tasty post-workout smoothies to keep your energy up. From invigorating HIIT classes, to Barre 2.0, KXU has something for everyone.

Class to try: The Games, a class based on strongman / woman competitions. You'll flip tyres, push a sled, and swing sledgehammers - all in the name of sweat. It's so fun that you'll forget you're working out.

Price: £24 per class, with package options available.

Locations: Chelsea.
At Your Beat

Best for: Shaking what God gave ya. If the thought of getting down to "My Neck, My Back" in a room full of strangers while stone-cold sober leaves you trembling with fear, trust us; a class at AYB is one of the most uplifting, empowering experiences you can have in Lycra. You'll leave feeling more than a little sex-eh – and with a renewed confidence in your body.

Class to try: For the first few months of 2018, AYB has a very cool pop-up space near Leicester Square, and some brand new classes to boot. Try the cheekily named Peaches&Scream for a fun, fairly intense workout focused on butt and abs toning.

Price: From £10 per class.

Locations: White Space pop-up at 5 Great Newport Street, every weekend from now until April 2018; other locations across London.
Third Space

Best for: The monthly membership. It may be pricey, but Third Space is a membership gym which has all the facilities and luxury you could possibly need, from a pool and spa, to a medical centre, open workout spaces and a laundry service.

Class to try: For an intense workout, try the Afterburner class which bases itself around EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption). The class takes the format of varied circuits alongside thorough warm-up and cool-down, promising to torch calories for hours after the class. Be prepared to get stuck in, with TRX, kettlebells, body weight and aerobic exercises.

Price: From £130 monthly or £88 monthly, weekends only. Unlimited classes.

Locations: Soho, Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf, Marylebone.
Photo: Courtesy of Heartcore.

Best for: Flexibility and strength. If you thought pilates was an easy ride for a bit of stretching, think again. Heartcore's CoreFormer class works with resistance, using custom-made machines to practise a routine of exercises impossible to try on the living room floor. It almost feels like your muscles are chiselling away during the 55-minute class – this is a real workout!

Class to try: Dynamic Pilates.

Price: £27 per session.

Locations: Kensington, Notting Hill, Hampstead, Chelsea, Fulham, Park Lane, City, St. John's Wood.
Photo: via @kobox.

Best for: Releasing all that weekday stress. The studio combines inspirational coaching with a high-energy playlist to help you release that tension via the boxing bag.

Class to try: With the choice of upper-, lower- and full-body circuits, try full-body for a proper sweat session.

Price: £25 for the first two classes including boxing wraps, then £20 per session.

Locations: Chelsea.
Core Collective

Best for: As well as the facilities, we love the kitchen at Core Collective. The food is amazing and they serve barista-made coffee and delicious smoothies.

Class to try: Resistance: a TRX class working stamina and strength. This session is low-impact on the joints yet high-intensity to sculpt your core, combining the resistance of TRX and your own bodyweight.

Price: £20 for the first class, £28 after. See website for packages.

Locations: Kensington.
Photo: Courtesy of Another Space.
Another Space

Best for: The Instagrammable interior. No seriously, the space is amazingly well-designed and looks like something out of a Scandi mag. The facilities are also excellent – fluffy towels and Cowshed products on tap – and following your session with a protein shake from their vast selection is a great distraction from the burn you'll feel after one of their intense classes.

Class to try: The HIIT class here comes out on top of those we've tried. The unique combination of boxing and floor work makes for a fun session. The instructors are really helpful and tend to each person during intervals so it feels more like a personal training session.

Price: £20 per session. Look out for offers and free +1 credits.

Locations: Covent Garden.
Photo: Courtesy of BarreCore.

Best for: When you need to be challenged. They also have nutritionists that advise on your health and organise frequent progress checks. The showers and changing rooms are chic and well-stocked, with a shop selling protein-packed snacks.

Class to try: Dedicated primarily to barre classes, they are the best (and by that, we mean the hardest) barre classes in London. High-octane, high-intensity, very challenging but incredibly good fun, the hour flies. What's more, the proof is in the pudding and you see results within a month. Think longer, slimmer limbs, tighter abs and a perter bum. What more could you want.

Price: £28 for one studio class, although their packages offer value. If you're not in London, their online classes are also supposed to be very good and are £4 a class or £24.79 unlimited for a month.

Locations: Chelsea, Hampstead, Kensington, Mayfair, Wimbledon & Alderley Edge (Manchester).
Photo: Courtesy of Psycle.

Best for: Spin fanatics who love working out to the beat! The music is so loud at Psycle they provide earplugs. Go here for the ultimate full body spin workout. If you're a hardcore spinner - they do a 90 minute class (we'll wait for you by the Energy Kitchen smoothie bar).

Favourite class: Psycle 45
Price: £20 for the first two classes, then £20 per session.
Locations: Oxford Circus, Canary Wharf and their shiny new Shoreditch studio.
Photo: Courtesy of Yoke.

Best for: Relaxation, especially if you normally can't sit still.

Favourite class: Vinyasa, a strong, dynamic style of yoga with movement and creative sequences. It focuses on spending the time to get the position right, rather than rushing through, so is perfect for newbies (try the basic class first).

Price: £25 for your first 10 days (unlimited) then from £12 per session.

Locations: Dalston.
Photo: via @sweatybetty.
Sweaty Betty

Best for: When it's the end of the month and payday couldn't come any sooner, because these classes are free!

Favourite class: Classes range depending on the store, but we'd recommend pilates, which is on most stores' timetables.

Price: Free, but get in quick as spaces get snapped up. Booking opens a week before each of the sessions.

Locations: Countrywide.
Photo: Courtesy of Netbusters.

Best for: Competitive fun. If competition motivates you and you enjoy the social element of exercise, netball is a good option. It's the fastest-growing sport for women and an hour's game burns roughly 580 calories. A little different to the PE lessons we remember. Social leagues are popping up all over London on an after-work timetable and it's a no-strings-attached, turn up and play affair.

Price: Ranges depending on the league, but works out at about £8 per session.

Locations: Brixton, Balham, Camden, Clapham Junction, Clapham South, Marylebone, Shoreditch & Waterloo.
Photo: Courtesy of Frame.

Best for: Going with friends. Frame also launched their online and in-house shops this year. They stock fun, unique and original exercise gear. Pineapple leggings anyone?

Class to try: The classes here are second to none and constantly evolve so you don't get bored. Whether it's yoga and pilates, fitness or dance, there's sure to be a class for you at any time of day. Try Music Video if you fancy yourself as Bey. There's a Justin Timberlake vs Pharrell session coming up, and we can't wait. This isn't for the uncoordinated...

Price: Various, starting at £9. Check out the bootcamps and monthly offers.

Locations: Shoreditch, Kings Cross, Victoria, Queens Park.
Photo: via @run.dem.crew.
Run Dem Crew

Best for: If you prefer running in a group, RDC pride themselves on being an inclusive community that builds a positive and encouraging running club. If it's you and your PB you're looking out for, they suggest running elsewhere!

Price: £5 per session.

Locations: Covent Garden and Stratford.
Photo: via @1rebeluk.

Best for: Endorphins! Try a morning class to bounce into the office with ultimate smugness. The changing facilities are great and complete with chic industrial design, copper pipes, subway tiles and Scandi-style chairs. The music and lighting wouldn't feel out of place in DC-10.

Class to try: Reshape, an electric energetic 45 minutes jumping from treadmill to bench and back again.

Price: £20 per session.

Locations: Two studios, both near Liverpool Street. More on the way!
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