Why Monica Geller Is The Most Relatable Friend

Rachel is the stylish one. Phoebe is the cool, hippie one. Chandler is the funny, sarcastic one. Joey is the dumb, womanising one. And Ross is the endearingly geeky one. Monica is supposedly the anal-retentive and ultra-competitive one, but that's only part of the Friends story.

She's scrappy and a survivor. She's the friend you'd turn to if you decided you didn't want to marry a boring dentist. She nurtures, cooks, and loves. She'll put on a wedding dress when you get dumped, and a turkey head when you're pissy. Things don't come easily to her — least of all romance — but it only makes her more determined and, of course, more relatable.

In honour of Friends' arrival to Netflix UK — yeah, we're struggling to contain ourselves, too — we're going to break down just why there's a little bit of Monica in all of us. For the record, though — you'd never catch us hooking up with a Blowfish.

She is feeling herself.
Producer be damned — those Gellers have some serious moves. Is it just us, or did Amy Poehler and Tina Fey totally steal this routine for Sisters?
Work is a bitch.
Crap jobs, she's had a few. The chef's job where everyone hates her and she gets canned for accepting a steak. Waiting tables in a '50s-themed diner. Catering with Phoebe. It almost makes your company's total disregard for summer Fridays seem less annoying. Almost.
Bad hair happens.
What's worse: That Barbados 'fro, or Phoebe's confusion between Dudley Moore and Demi Moore?
The sibling rivalry is real.
Much as we love our sibs, anyone who swears they haven't recreated this insult-off is probably lying. Harmonica for the win.
She dates a-holes.
Girl, we've been there. Only we weren't bad-ass enough to hire a barbershop quartet to tell our rotten dates how lousy they actually were. Respect.
Sometimes things get messy.
We've all had our share of FML moments. Having to wear an eye patch, getting peed on by your friend, and having your identity stolen is just extraordinarily rotten (and relatable) bad luck.
She out Bridget Jones-es Bridget Jones.
Drunk dialling? Accidentally favouriting your ex's Insta during a sneaky stalk? Recognising someone from Tinder at a bar and spouting verbal diarrhoea all over them? Just a few things Millennial Monica would probably do.
Her parents just don't understand.
While Ross is the apple of the Gellers' eye, Harmonica gets a lot of grief from her parents. They pester her about her love life. They're pretty fat-shamey. And, dammit, they just won't cry during her big speech.
She adults when others don't.
Type A and anal-retentive? That's just how this grown-ass woman rolls. Let's not forget that Monica has the best apartment, plays mother hen like a pro, and doesn't do silly things like elope in Vegas.
But she is also fun.
Yes, you can still adult and make the time to be a goofball, especially when it comes to cheering up the love of your life. Chandler and Monica for life.

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