The Dainty Tattoo Trend You've Been Seeing All Over Instagram

Photographed by Beth Sacca.
I never really wanted a tattoo until I saw one on my coworker's arm. Her dainty flower wasn't all that different from other tattoos I'd seen before, but it was the placement that caught my eye: The minimalist design sat just above the back of the elbow, peeking out from underneath the sleeve of a T-shirt. Suddenly, I couldn't get enough.
When I spoke to illustrator and tattoo artist Lotte Vanns about my ink crush, she confirmed that the trend, while definitely peaking in popularity right now, isn't exactly new. But with a little help from social media, it seems that more and more people are opting for the underrated spot, not to mention the surrounding areas: near the inner bend of the arm, the outer elbow, or the upper bicep, like a coy little secret popping up on your Instagram feed.
Ahead, the coolest upper arm tattoos we've spotted while scrolling through ours recently, for even more tattoo eye candy.