2018's First Hair Colour Trend Has Arrived — But It's Far From New

Photo: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic.
We're only three days into 2018 but have already been given numerous ways to distract from the post-Christmas blues. For starters, Justin Timberlake has announced his return to music with the questionably-titled album Man Of The Woods, Paris Hilton has got engaged, and Friends has finally arrived to Netflix. (It's a mixed bag, guys.)
However, if you allow us to further distract you for just a second, we recently realised that everyone is going blonde — and we're not just talking sun-kissed lobs. This classic look is being expressed through a range of styles: box braids, pixies, glam waves, and grown-in buzzcuts are sprouting up on celebs like Serena Williams and Amber Rose.
The old, unspoken rule of hair changes says that you should go dark in the winter and lighten up in the warmer months — but it's time to live a little. After all, we're only two years out from the Roaring '20s. See the changes, ahead.