Overnight Products That Do The Work So You Don't Have To

We all know that a lack of sleep is detrimental to our skin. Whether it's dark circles, puffy eyes or a dull complexion, nothing good comes from not getting enough shut-eye. Fortunately for the sleep-deprived among us, there's a plethora of products to revive tired skin – and we're not just talking brightening eye creams and under-eye concealers.
Dr. Murad, dermatologist and founder of Murad Skincare, explains why we should be using treatments that work through the night: “The skin heals and repairs while we sleep so products such as a night cream are full of renewing and regenerating ingredients to aid this function. Environmental aggressors sap the skin of hydration so products are always richer and more nourishing to replenish the skin. Think of it as allowing the skin to rid itself of toxins and aid renewal so the skin is at its best to protect itself for the day ahead when we awake."
We've put together our favourite overnight treatments for all manner of skin concerns. Whether it's adult acne, uneven skin tone, eczema or fine lines, click through for our pick of the top work-while-you-sleep products.