Whiskey Now Comes In Pouches That Are Reminiscent Of Capri Suns

Attention all adults who, for whatever reason, still feel like they're kids. Whiskey pouches now exist so you can enjoy one of the most grownup beverages around without betraying your true essence. Foodbeast recently reported that an alcohol subscription service called Whisky Me will now ship whiskies from all over the world right to you door. The classy alcohol comes in pouches that look an awful lot like Capri Suns, which sometimes used to come in our lunches as kids.
According to the company's website, Whisky Me offers memberships for £7 a month. With it, customers get a 5cl dram shipped in a pouch that comes complete with a screw top. You can either twist off the cap and pour it into some fancy whiskey glasses. No judgement, either way.
Whisky Me isn't the only alcohol company that has recently taken to using nostalgic pouches as its alcohol vessels. At the end of summer 2017, we discovered that the Electric Rosé Wine Company is selling its rosé in adorably designed pouches, which come complete with thin little straws that look a lot like those attached to Capri Suns.
As of right now, Electric Rosé pouches are, unfortunately, only available in a few states in the US. That might not sounds like a wide availability, but you can console yourselves with a Whisky Me membership, available right now across the UK.