Everyone In Hollywood Is Trying This Super Flattering Makeup Look

Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images.
We're here for a super-glossy eyelid, a colourful cat-eye, and a rust-tinged sunset effect — especially in autumn —but the latest eye trend sweeping Hollywood could be the most flattering one of the season. The reason is simple: It mimics the tones and level of shine that frame the face to create a polished, cohesive, and wildly-pretty result. That's right, the latest technique in makeup matching calls upon something new: your hair.
The striking trick is simple in its subtly, as Chanel celebrity makeup artist Kate Lee tells us, the colour doesn’t have to be overtly intense to create an interesting look. It's all about playing up the tones that already exist within your 'do, then matching the finish and style for a look that's incredibly chic.
Check out some of the most beautiful iterations of the trend that have been catching our eye lately, ahead. Spoiler: Kim Kardashian, Jessica Chastain, and Gabrielle Union are just a few of the celebs that've taken to the trend.
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