The Most Useful New iPhone Tools In iOS 11 — & How To Use Them

It's hard to say what more exciting: A look at the new iPhone, which Apple is expected to announce at an event on September 12, or a finalised release date for iOS 11. Though iOS 11 has been available for anyone to try out in beta, it has yet to officially roll out.
If my hesitation sounds crazy — who wouldn't pick seeing the latest iPhone over its operating system? — consider some of the features packed in to iOS 11. There's everything from special texting effects to document and image scanning, to live photo upgrades and speedy language translations, to name a few. Plus, while the new iPhone is rumoured to cost your entire paycheque and then some (seriously?), iOS 11 will be available for iPhone users to download for free.
Ahead, a look at some of the most useful (and exciting!) tools in iOS 11.