These Otherworldly Photos Will Change How You See Plus-Size Women (NSFW)

Photographed by Silvana Denker.
Photographer and model Silvana Denker has made it her life's work to broaden our definition of beauty. With her #BodyLove campaign, she has staged public lingerie photoshoots with women of all sizes, amassed nearly 25,000 Instagram followers, and, most recently, portrayed plus-size models in a whole new glamorous light with her photo project Metallic Curves.
Denker tells Refinery29 that the idea came to her when she noticed that, when it comes to nude portraits using body paint, only very thin models were being shown. "I decided to show rolls and bellies, the bodies of the women the way they are," she says. "I posed them to look like sculptures. My ambition was to create art and to show the beauty of the human body and size diversity."
The models in Denker's photos truly embody this duality. The metallic paint they sport from head to toe turns them into almost alien works of art, and yet their very human confidence shines through. "These women look strong and proud," thanks to the body paint Denker says.
We're willing to bet they'd look just as powerful with no paint at all, but a little glamour never hurt anyone — if anything, a touch of shine can remind us that our natural features are worth celebrating. Ahead, view a selection of Metallic Curves and read more of Denker's reflections on body positivity.

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