Here's Everything We Know About Rihanna's New Beau, Hassan Jameel

The identity of Rihanna's mysterious pool makeout buddy has finally been revealed! People reports that the man photographed kissing Rihanna in a Spanish villa is Hassan Jameel, a Saudi businessman.
Several tabloids published the photos on Tuesday, prompting Twitter to explode with speculations and congratulations in a "#RihannaHasAManParty." The two were vacationing together in Ibiza, according to The Daily Mail. The outlet published more photos on Wednesday of RiRi holding flowers as they walk down the street.
Jameel's family owns a company called Abdul Latif Jameel, which is best known as a Toyota distributor throughout the Middle East. But it also owns a number of real estate, advertising, energy, consumer products, and financial services businesses, along with the Jameel league, a Saudi Arabian soccer league. Forbes ranked the Jameel family #12 on its 2016 "world's richest Arabs" list, reporting that they have a net worth of Β£1.2 billion.
Abdul Latif Jameel has a charity, Community Jameel, which funds job creation, education, the arts, and other causes in the Middle East. Jameel is the president of that organisation, in addition to being deputy president and vice chairman of Abdul Latif Jameel. Given Rihanna's own dedication to humanitarian work and passion for improving access to education, we can see why he's her type.
Last year, Jameel was photographed with Naomi Campbell at London's Summertime Festival. Jezebel speculates that this could have to do with why Campbell and Rihanna unfollowed each other on Instagram a few months ago.
The Internet was almost as excited to learn Jameel's identity as it was to first see the photos.
Rihanna's been on and off with Drake over the past few years, but she hasn't been seen publicly dating anyone since that fizzled out last Fall. Though she's been very vocal about not needing a man, so who knows where this goes from here?