You Should Probably Read This Weather Update Before Heading To Glastonbury

Courtesy of The Met Office.
Update, 19th June: The weather forecast is still looking good. The Met Office is forecasting sun and a 29-degree temperature for Wednesday (21st) – so you'll definitely deserve a cold one after putting up your tent. It won't be sunny on Thursday (22nd) but it won't rain and will be about 20 degrees. Friday (23rd) will also be overcast and a little cooler at 18 degrees but, still, no rain. Saturday (24th) isn't looking sunny either, but will be still warmish at 17 degrees. Sunday (25th) is looking a bit brighter than the few previous days, warm at 18 degrees and still, NO RAIN is predicted. Don't forget your SPF.
Original story, 15th June 2017: If you were at last year’s Glastonbury festival, the memories of the thick and almost dangerously viscous mud, which many said was unprecedented, may still give you nightmares. And if you're anything like us, your wellies are probably still caked in it.
But luckily, the weather at this year’s festival looks set to be nowhere near as treacherous and according to the latest forecasts, there will even be sun. Although, it being Glastonbury, you’d be a fool not to bring wellies and a trusty mac.
Weather forecasts are obviously always subject to change, especially this far in advance, but so far it’s looking good. The Weather Channel is currently predicting no rain throughout the whole weekend. On Wednesday (21st) it’ll be partly cloudy and warm at 24 degrees Celsius, and the Thursday (22nd) will even be mostly sunny and also about 24 degrees.
The Friday (23rd), when the festival starts, will be mostly cloudy and slightly cooler at 20 degrees max, while Saturday (24th) looks a bit nicer. Cloud is predicted in the morning but the afternoon will brighten up and it will be about 20 degrees.
Sunday will also be partly cloudy and similarly warm. A lack of blazing sun means you’re less likely to suffocate to death in your tent, at least. So, swings and roundabouts.
Monday (26th), when most people pack up and head home, looks like it’ll be rainy in the morning, so it may be worth waiting a few hours to pack up (or just do it the evening before).
Will this year's Glastonbury be uncharacteristically dry? In these unpredictable times, anything could happen.

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