The Internet Does Not Approve Of Allison Williams' Awkward Race Jokes

Photo: Chelsea Lauren/REX/Shutterstock.
Someone probably told Allison Williams that she should make a joke about being mistaken as a racist since her role in Get Out, and it did not go over well at all. The Girls actress joined her Get Out co-star, Lil Rel Howery on stage to present the award for Best Kiss (which went to Ashton Sanders and Jharrel Jerome for their beachside kiss Moonlight! Hell yes.)
On stage together, Lil Rel kept moving away from her and giving her a weird side-eye as part of their presenters shtick. In response, Williams asked Rey if he was scared of her because of her role in as Rose Armitage. He clarified that he was not scared, but that he was more "afraid" of her. And then, things took a turn. Williams starts asking Rey what she could do to win back the affection and trust of Black men and offers out a few ideas. And these ideas, ladies and gentlemen, were all very bad — and sort of racist? This is just a great reminder that a white person joking about racism and how to "fix it" by offering up Beyoncé's Lemonade. It was uncomfortable to watch because the skit isn't funny and comes off as pretty tasteless.
"What do I have to do to get back the trust?" Williams asks Lil Rel, who looks over at her with heavy skepticism. First she suggests she makes it "illegal to ask 'Can I touch your hair?'" To which Rel says no. Then she says she would arrange for George Washington's face be replaced with Denzel Washington's face on Mount Rushmore. Again, a no from Rel. And then, she finally says she will just get Lemonade on Spotify, to which Rel shrugs and says sure.
Ok, so we are tackling the topic of racism by making a hair joke, a Denzel joke, and a Lemonade joke? Groundbreaking.
These Twitter responses pretty much sum up our thoughts on the matter.

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