Tina Lawson May Or May Not Know Who Kris Jenner Is & It's Hilarious

Kris Jenner and Tina Lawson are probably the two most famous celebrity mums in the world. That's in the sense that they're mums of celebrities, also celebrities themselves, and are famous for being both at once.
So you'd think that Tina Lawson would know, intimately, how to spell Kris Jenner's name. Like, if you're a human in the world you should know how to spell Kris Jenner's name. She's the momager! How many other people could have raised both Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner? None, that's how many.
We're here to tell you that Tina Lawson does not know how to spell Kris Jenner's name. Well, she does now. Lawson took three tries to nail the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch's actual name for a post to her Instagram. Why post the Instagram if you don't know who the person is?
Who knows!
The funniest thing is that she left the posts up long enough to garner thousands of favs. We know she gets them fast, but that also means that Lawson (or some unlucky soul on her team) legitimately thought "Chris Kardashian" was a real celeb. C'mon, man. Not even close.
Eventually, though, she nailed it.

Kris Jenner looking fly as usual at The Wearable Art Gala.❤️ Thanks for supporting me my friend❤️

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