You Won't Believe What Leighton Meester Looked Like Before GG

Photo: James Devaney/WireImage.
Leighton Meester might be known for making headbands cool again, but off the set of Gossip Girl, you won't find her wearing one. In fact, for someone who plays a character with such a distinctive beauty look, Meester herself is quite the opposite: fearlessly jumping from trend to trend with abandon.
The actress easily slips from icy blonde to deep brunette and back again — like it’s nothing at all. She rocks pastel shadows, bright lipsticks, power blush and, yes, even a fringe. Her look is experimental, exciting, and always on trend. And she never gets stuck in a rut.
Sure, we’ll always have a place for Blair Waldorf’s uptown beauty in our hearts. But if you ask us, it’s Leighton herself who continues to serve the best beauty inspo.