What To Expect From Meghan Markle's Style Here On Out

If you weren't one of the people who searched "Meghan Markle" last year, casually making her the most Googled woman of 2016, then let us get you up to speed on America's next across-the-pond obsession. First and foremost, she's an actress (Markle's most recent gig saw her starring in Suits). Second, she founded The Tig, a lifestyle and culture website (that she's, sadly, since divested from). She's pretty popular on Instagram. Oh, and she's dating — nay, engaged — to Prince Harry. But don't get stuck there. Since she's added yet another layer of curiosity to her image, that means the paparazzi have taken notice — and we get more style moments to dissect from here on out.
After sifting through some of our favourite Markle looks, we noticed a common theme throughout her #OOTDs. While the actress may be the name on everyone's keyboards, she seems to know how to keep a low-profile when it comes to her wardrobe — and she nails just about every occasion, whether that be a talk show appearance or a work dinner with an array of no-fuss, get-the-job-done get-ups. Some favourites include V-neck summer dresses, a killer jumpsuit, or, perhaps a style tip she learned from her television gig, a power blazer. You'll see what we mean in the slideshow ahead.