This "Rainbow Corner Blocks" Hair Trend Is The Coolest Thing You'll See Today

Photo: Courtesy of Daniel Moon.
L.A. hairstylist Daniel Moon, better known by his Instagram handle @MajorMoonn, is one of the few colourists trusted by celebs who dare to try technicolor hues. To wit: He's the man behind Kanye West's rainbow sherbet hair, Miley Cyrus' ever-expanding stable of hues, and Nicole Richie's colourful phase.

We got a chance to catch up with Moon on all things up-and-coming — and yes, that includes blorange and denim hair. But one of the biggest trends he sees coming down the pike is one we didn't expect. "Rainbow corner blocks are what's up," he told us. That is, colour done just at the nape of the neck or in a "corner slice" fashion. But what's the point in hiding a vibrant colour underneath your hair? To create a multi-tonal style: "Rainbow a small section and [you can] wrap your ponytail with it," he says. Consider it the latest version of the undercut hair tattoo — with no cutting required.

Now, picking out the colour is where your creativity comes in. Moon's advice? "Pinterest is a great database for coloured hair," he says, but notes that originality is part of the fun, so don't just copy a look strand-for-strand. "There are standard colour combinations out there [that people like], so I encourage people to pick favourite colours besides the norm," he says. Moon does play favourites with two shades, however: "The Fifth Element vibes wins every time — neon yellows and oranges rule."

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