These Are The Stereotypical Gender Labels Faced By Female Entrepreneurs

Credit: Caiaimage/John Wildgoose
More than half of the UK's female entrepreneurs have encountered stereotypical gender labels while doing business, according to new research.

Some 20% of businesswomen who took part in NatWest research said they have been called "opinionated," while 18% said they had been described as "self-assured."

Meanwhile, 13% said they had been branded "feisty" and 12% said they had been called "vocal." In total, 52% of women questioned said they have faced some kind of stereotypical gender label while conducting business.

Interestingly, NatWest's research found that female entrepreneurs in some areas of the UK are far more likely to be affected by these reductive gender stereotypes.

While 31% of London-based businesswomen said terms such as "feisty," "vocal" and "opinionated" made them feel self-conscious, this figure dropped to 15% among female entrepreneurs in Scotland and just 6% among female entrepreneurs in the north of England.

Though 48% of women questioned felt that the words used to describe female entrepreneurs have become more positive over the last five years, it's clear there's still work to be done.

Sam Smethers of women's equality charity the Fawcett Society told the Yorkshire Post: "This research shows that lazy gender stereotypes are still dominating the way we think about women in business, and women entrepreneurs in particular. Women face additional practical, cultural and attitudinal barriers all the time. I wonder how those feisty or opinionated men would like it?"


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