Chloë Grace Moretz Just Found Her Dopplegänger

It's always been my secret dream to have a Parent Trap moment and meet someone who is my mirror image. (Just think of all the shenanigans!) Actress Chloë Grace Moretz had that moment via Twitter, when a look-alike's photo began circulating the internet. Is this the If I Stay star's long-lost identical twin?

Probably not, but the resemblance is way too weird to ignore. As BuzzFeed reports, Facebook user and twin-finder Jesse Carls first shared a pic of the doppelgänger on social media, where it quickly went viral.
So, who is the girl sharing a face with Moretz? According to BuzzFeed, her name is Edcell Ched, and she studies at the City of Malabon University in the Philippines. Yep, Moretz found a look-alike halfway across the world — proving that we should never, ever give up our quest to find our own.
BuzzFeed also notes that the bottom right picture in the above tweet is actually a Snapchat face swap with Moretz's face, just in case you thought there were actual clones among us. (Clones are way scarier than doppelgängers; that's just a fact.)

Even Moretz sees the resemblance.
Now the only question is: What will Moretz do with this information? Could fans receive a Parent Trap sequel? One can dream.

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