Your Horoscope This Week — Sep 11 2016

Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
Supersize swagger? Check! This Tuesday, pushy Mars locks into a tangled angle with the ego-driven sun. While it's great to be confident, we could get ourselves into hot water by making promises we can't keep. Be on the lookout for narcissists who demand constant energy. As much as you may admire his or her talents, giving anyone that level of attention is just plain exhausting. This competitive energy could bring some intense contenders out of the woodwork, too! Remember to play fair! The victory will be hollow if you step on people's backs in your climb to the top.

Friday brings the second of September's two eclipses. This one's a lunar (full moon) eclipse in Pisces — and it's going to bring some vivid dreams to life! Seeds you've been sowing since the corresponding solar (new moon) eclipse on the 8th of March could magically manifest. But Pisces is the sign that rules illusions and addictions. Go easy on those martinis this weekend — and watch out for snake charmers pushing a personal agenda (but pretending to be all about the #squadgoals.) If something seems too good to be true, investigate! These moonbeams can bring miracles along with the smoke and mirrors.

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