This Very Important Stranger Things Theory Has Finally Been Confirmed

Photo: Curtis Baker/Netflix.
If you were one of the many people binge-watching Stranger Things this summer, then you might have noticed an eerie detail lurking in every episode. No, I'm not talking about Eleven and her incredible powers. Nor am I referring to the monster which inhabits the Upside Down world.

I'm talking about the fact that Steve Harrington, played by new actor Joe Keery, is a spitting image of Park and Recreation's Jean-Ralphio, played by comedian Ben Schwartz. The resemblance is uncanny. There are definitely some genes in common.

Not only that, but the two fictional characters also have some similar personality traits. They're both cocky, they're both entitled, and they care about their hair.
And now, in a segment on The Late Late Show With James Corden titled, "Strangerer Things," Schwartz finally weighs in on the internet-fueled conspiracy theory. So, is Steve from Stranger Things the father of Jean-Ralphio from Parks and Rec? According to a sneaky Schwartz, the answer is a yes. And Nancy Wheeler, played by Natalia Dyer, is his mother.

Not only that, but Schwartz thinks that Ralphio spent about half his life in the Upside Down, which is why he's so odd. That's at least one mystery solved.

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