If A Guy Tells You He Works On Broad City, RUN

Photo: Courtesy of Comedy Central.
If you've been on a date with anyone, ever, odds are you've been told a white lie or two. You might've even let one slip yourself. But we bet you've never heard (or told) a falsehood quite like this one. During a surprise drop-in set at a comedy show in New York last week, Broad City's Ilana Glazer told what she called a"really fucking creepy" cautionary tale you ought to hear. And one of the lucky audience members recorded the whole thing and posted it over on ONTD, as The Cut points out.

The story goes like this: Word got back to Glazer that a friend of a friend went on a date with a guy named Zack, who said he was a writer on Broad City. He even had a picture of himself from the set with his co-workers Glazer and Abbi Jacobson. One little problem: He was totally making it up. "No men work on Broad City,” Glazer explained. It turns out the picture was actually just a fan photo with the stars from a 2014 show that Zack attended. Glazer called the phony "a fucking psycho" and added that she "got douche chills for days."

Moral of the story? "Don't fuck a dude cause you think he works on Broad City.” Listen to the whole bit, below.


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